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Bunji's Favorite Things

These items are all tried and true Bunji's Favorite Things!  

Food:  Life’s Abundance is a wonderful and complete diet for your dog.  They deliver their kibble fresh to your door within 1-3 days of ordering. This company has never had a recall and I have been very pleased with the quality.  We start with the blue bag of small/medium puppy (17lb bag should last 1+ months at first) and once your pup reaches 12 months of age, we recommend switching over to the lime bag of All Life Stages.
Supplements:  Giving them NuVet once a day not only gives them additional nutrients, it also helps boost their immune systems.  We use the powder, but you can also use the wafers.  We recommend giving this for life.
Probiotics:  Giving them daily probiotics (for life) is SO beneficial for their overall health, skin health, and GI health. My absolute favorite tried and true brand is Terra Biota. One scoop daily on their food or mixed with a little yogurt/nut butter is SO good for them!

Stool Firmer:  If your pup ever eats something he isn’t supposed to or has softer stools than wanted, adding dry pumpkin powder (Firm Up) to their food helps tremendously.  I always keep this on hand.  I recommend doubling the dose on the bag.
Water Bowl:  This bowl is a MUST HAVE!!!  It will keep your pup’s beard clean, dry, and most of all, your floors water free!  The medium size is perfect!
Crate:  A crate with a divider included is best as it can grow with your puppy.  Most of our dogs (up to 40lbs) fit comfortably in a 36” crate.  Keep the area small for new puppies as if it’s too big, they’ll pee on one side and sleep on the other.  The Diggs Revol is my absolute favorite (medium/intermediate size depending on your dog’s projected size) as it has added safety measures so puppies don’t get their jaw stuck in the wire.  (use code: BUNJIDOODLE25 for $25 off)
Crate Mat:  A durable and washable crate mat is recommended.  There are many different kinds, so know you can find a different one that works great too!  We love the chill mat (they fit perfectly in the Diggs crates (small for small, medium for medium, large for intermediate)
Cooling Mat: This is so wonderful for hot weather, those dogs that like the cool hard floors, this is for them!!
Puppy Pen: Clearly Loved Pets has a wonderful pen (we love ours) and they've been gracious enough to give our families a discount code: BUNJI10  - I use this pen for times I cannot keep an eye on my puppy (shower, cooking dinner, phone call).  It is wonderful and we get so many compliments on it.  I would get the 36” height as it will last through adulthood. We use a 4x4
Bed:  Our favorite dog beds are durable and washable!

Bathing:  We love our bathing wand and tub.  This tub can easily fit in a walk-in shower but it does take up a lot of space. 

Shampoo:  Igroom is my favorite general shampoos.  For those of you that have parti colored puppies or white markings, I highly recommend using their brightening shampoo!

Spritz spray:  I always finish off with a spritz, smells soooo good!!! My all time favorite is the Sleepy Cotton.. .you have been warned, it smells amazing

Ear Cleaner: Every time your dog gets a bath, gets groomed, or swims (minimum of every 2 weeks) clean out his/her ears with Eco Ears to help prevent any ear infections.
If your dog isn’t prone to infections, this ear cleaner smells lovely!!
Lick Mat:  This is so beneficial for grooming, bathing, and getting your pup used to handling while they’re happily distracted with something yummy!

Blow Dryer: A high velocity dog dryer makes the WORLD of a difference when bathing your pup.  It cuts back on needing to brush as the dryer dries all the way to the skin and your pup will look SO much more put together when dried with one.  Start low and slow, eventually your dog will tolerate it just fine with proper exposure and positive experiences.  I recommend this even if you aren’t doing your own grooming at home.
Grooming Table: 38’ grooming table, folds nicely for storage
Grooming Arm (full table):
Groomer's Helper: This is something I wished I had known about years ago. It makes grooming at home SO much easier!!!
Nail Maintenance: I prefer these kinds of clippers and round out the blunt edges with a dremel.  I clip nails at least once a month with the older dogs, and once a week with the puppies.

Brushes: I always recommend a good slicker brush as well as a metal comb.  You should be able to run the metal comb through their entire coat to ensure your pup doesn’t have any tangles.  Positive associations with the brush is very important using a Licky Mat (next link) with peanut butter, canned food, or canned pumpkin smeared on can help tremendously.

Curved Shears: If you’re brave enough to do a full grooming or even just in between face clippings at home, these are what I use! I use 2 different pair, the longer one I use on the body, shorter one I use on the face. Be careful, these are so SHARP!!!

Clippers: I have owned the same pair for 13 years, I just got my second pair (same brand) as a back up!  These work wonderfully!
Cordless Clippers:
Clipper Blades:  You’ll see cheaper blades and guards for sale, but you cannot beat the quality and ease of these blades.  I will list what I use and where I use them here.  These blades are often out of stock but can be google searched to find another retailer:


  • 10 Blade - I use this under the ears, around the vulva/penis, armpits, and bum (just be careful not to nick the bottom).



  • 7F – This is the holy grail between the eyes, it’s a small area to buy a blade for, but I promise it makes the world of a difference!




  • 5/8” F – this is all over body and legs, it’s the shortest I use on a regular basis. Easiest for a beginner to get even

Treats:  My favorite training treats are Stella and Chewy’s Chicken meal mixers – we break them up in small (rice sized) pieces and give them as training treats.
Clicker: This is my favorite clicker, I use a size medium, Leah uses a size small.
Training Program: Our amazing trainer, Lilly, has created a perfect start for every Bunji Puppy.  It is SO amazing.  From before you get your puppy to adulthood, she is my go-to resource.  The perfectly laid out plans and free texting support from birth until 14 weeks… you cannot go wrong!  
Chews:  Raw Feeding Miami rawhides, Himaylian Chews, Antlers, bully sticks.. the dogs love them all!!  The RFM rawhides are often sold out but they restock often!

Lick Mat:  This is so beneficial for grooming, bathing, and getting your pup used to handling while they’re happily distracted with something yummy!


Mind Games: Mind games are so important for dogs and puppies.  Kongs stuffed and frozen with food and treats, puzzle balls, slow feeders… all is very beneficial!

Plush Toys: I have a slight obsession with NanDog toys.  They are great quality, often have a crinkle sound, and are so very cute!!  Use code Bunji for 45% off!
Leash:  These The Foggy Dog Leashes are my absolute favorites, Use code: BUNJI10 for 10% off!
Collar:  We love our The Foggy Dog collars (xs is perfect for go home and will last several months) Use code: BUNJI10 for 10% off!
We also love Mimi Green collars – new puppies going home can normally fit into her adjustable 9-12” collars. Get the black plastic buckles as the metal ones can be a bit bulky and heavy.

Dog Tags: There are many wonderful tags, we love 2 specific brands… 

Harness:  Blue-9 balance harness is my favorite harness, it doesn’t restrict movement but also has a front clip to help with walking.
Car Harness:  Sleepy Pod has one of the only crash tested harnesses/car seats for dogs.

Bandanas: Sunny Tails has given my puppy families 10% off with code BUNJI10 – they are amazing quality and SO cute!!

Books: There are so many wonderful training and puppy raising books out there, these are some of my favorites:

Video Camera:  Because who doesn’t like to check on their pup when they’re not home?  We have these cameras and purchase an additional micro SD card so we can see what happened in the past without purchasing their cloud storage. 

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