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What our families have
to say about Bunji...

Jen Carlson is truly “One in a Million!” You will be hard-pressed to another breeder like her. She is one of the most loving, caring and compassionate persons I know. She does an excellent job placing the puppies with their forever homes. When my standard labradoodle died suddenly a few days before Christmas in 2017, my heart was broken. I wanted an Australian Labradoodle and after searching for several days for a breeder, I miraculously found Jen. I phoned her on New Year’s Eve; she was kind enough to take my call and listened attentatively to my sad story.

The mark of a true Christian is love. Jen truly exemplifies this in her relationship with her family and her dogs. Each and every video is filled with her love for her children, her children’s love for her and their love for each puppy/dog. We truly appreciated watching the videos of Leah and Brayden socializing the puppies. The love these children show each puppy is outstanding. I have contacted Jen several times with questions and concerns and she always responds with either a phone call or email.

We have Magnolia, from Sami/Toby, June 30, 2018. Jen kept us updated with weekly photos and emails. She gives all her puppies an amazing start in life. Our puppies are members of our families and it is heartwarming to know that Jen’s pups come from such an amazing family.

Jen is a true blessing to all whose lives she touches. I am so grateful to be part of the Bunji Doodle Family. We waited 9 months for Magnolia and she definitely was worth the wait.

Cindy & Ted with Magnolia (Sami/Toby)

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