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Bunji Stork Delivery

Providing the Best and Easiest Option to Bring Your New Family Member Home.


Personalized Delivery

Our trusted and knowledgeable guardian families, including Bunji Grandma (Cathy), offer exceptional puppy delivery services. Your furry friend will be in safe hands during their in-cabin ride to your local airport.


Peace of Mind

  • We will make all the arrangements for you.  

  • We will take care of your precious puppy during their journey to you.  Often wearing them in a baby sling to keep them close and secure while in the airport.

  • We will be prepared with pee pads, food, treats, something to keep them occupied while in the pet carrier.  Also, by keeping  your puppy safe when needing to go potty by NOT taking them to the animal relief areas, this is not Jen approved as they have only had their first vaccine.  We know all the tricks :) 

  • Your puppy will already know us which will be less stress for them.  We all are Bunji Guardians who also train Bunji puppies, so we know what's best for them during their journey.

  • We have delivered over 300+ Bunji puppies safely to their families.


Here is how it works:

  •   Once your litter has been born, just fill out our Bunji

       Puppy Application.

  • ​  We will look up flights that would work for both the Bunji

       Stork and the family and will get back with you.  It's best to

       book flights right away as flights get sold out fast.  Once

       you agree we will go ahead and book the flight and call to

       make the pet carry-on reservation, as only 2 pets are

       allowed on a flight.

  •   We will pick up your puppy either at Bunji or the Puppy

       Trainer's house usually the night before the flight.  We have

       to leave very early in the morning and head to the airport

       2 hours before our flight leaves.

  •   We have an approved Pet Carry-On Carrier - no need to

       purchase one.

  •   We will keep you updated on your puppy's progress

       throughout the journey with pictures and texts.

  •   Meet us at the airport.


  • Airline Ticket (cost pending on specific flight)

  • In-Cabin Pet Reservation fee $95 all airlines have this.

  • Trip Protection usually $35

  • Bunji Stork Delivery Fee $550

We have a great relationship with Delta Airlines! Sometimes they will let us keep the puppy on our lap :)   We often have the pilot wanting to see one of our Bunji puppies. 

Bunji Stork Delivery Quote

Closest major airport to you

Bunji Stork Delivery


Florida, Alaska, New York, Maine, Texas, Vermont, Louisiana, Arizona, Denver, South Carolina, Idaho, Minneapolis, Mississippi, Atlanta, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, Oregon, Kansas, California, Michigan, Oklahoma, Wyoming, North Carolina, Kentucky, Wisconsin,              West Virginia, Arkansas, Massachusetts and more.
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